As the world of interior design evolves, new trends emerge, while others fade away. In 2023, homeowners and designers are embracing fresh concepts and innovative ideas to create spaces that are both stylish and functional. If you’re looking to update your living space or embark on a new design project, here’s a rundown of what’s in and what’s out in interior design trends for 2023:

What’s In:

Biophilic Design:

Biophilic design, which incorporates elements of nature into interiors, continues to gain popularity. From living walls and indoor gardens to natural materials like wood and stone, biophilic design creates a connection with the outdoors, promoting a sense of tranquility and well-being.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Materials:

With an increasing focus on environmental consciousness, sustainable and eco-friendly materials are becoming a staple in interior design. Homeowners are opting for furniture made from recycled or renewable resources and using non-toxic, eco-friendly paints and finishes.

Maximalism with a Modern Twist:

While minimalism has been prominent in recent years, maximalism is making a comeback. However, in 2023, maximalism is being embraced with a modern twist. Think bold patterns, vibrant colors, and curated collections that reflect individuality and creativity.

Curved Furniture and Soft Lines:

Straight lines and sharp angles are giving way to curved furniture and soft lines. From sofas with rounded edges to circular dining tables, this trend adds a touch of elegance and fluidity to spaces.

Earthy and Natural Color Palettes:

In 2023, earthy and natural color palettes are taking center stage. Warm neutrals, earthy tones, and calming hues like terracotta, sage green, and soft ochre are being used to create serene and inviting spaces.

Artisanal and Handcrafted Pieces:

Homeowners are gravitating towards artisanal and handcrafted pieces that showcase craftsmanship and authenticity. Handmade ceramics, woven textiles, and custom furniture add a touch of uniqueness and character to interiors.

Mix of Old and New:

Blending vintage and antique pieces with contemporary elements remains a popular trend. Combining old and new creates a balanced and timeless aesthetic that tells a story and adds layers of interest to a space.

Textured and Patterned Wallpapers:

Textured and patterned wallpapers are making a strong comeback. From subtle textures to bold prints, wallpapers are used to add depth and personality to walls.

Statement Ceilings:

Ceilings are being elevated from overlooked spaces to statement-making features. Unique ceiling designs, including intricate moldings, wallpaper, or vibrant colors, are being used to draw the eye upward and add drama to a room.

Personalized Home Offices:

With the rise of remote work and flexible arrangements, home offices are becoming more personalized and functional. Customized storage solutions, ergonomic furniture, and personal touches make home offices both efficient and comfortable.

What’s Out:

All-White Interiors:

While white interiors have been popular for their minimalistic appeal, the trend is becoming less prevalent in 2023. Homeowners are seeking more warmth and personality with the introduction of color and texture.

Industrial Chic:

The industrial chic trend is fading as homeowners seek a softer and more inviting aesthetic. Heavy metals, exposed pipes, and rough textures are being replaced by softer materials and more comfortable designs.

Cool Grays:

Cool gray color schemes are being replaced by warmer neutrals and earthy tones. The cold and sterile feel of cool grays is giving way to warmer hues that create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Overly Matchy-Matchy Spaces:

Spaces that are overly matchy-matchy with perfectly coordinated furniture sets and accessories are losing favor. Homeowners are embracing a mix of styles and pieces that reflect their individual tastes and personalities.

Minimalist Scandi Style:

The minimalist Scandinavian style, characterized by clean lines and monochromatic palettes, is losing its dominance. Homeowners are seeking more variety and creativity in their design choices.

Open Shelving in Kitchens:

Open shelving in kitchens, which has been popular for its airy and open feel, is giving way to closed cabinetry and concealed storage. Homeowners are prioritizing functionality and ease of maintenance in their kitchen designs.

Over-the-Top Glamour:

Overly opulent and flashy interiors are becoming less popular. Homeowners are opting for a more restrained and sophisticated approach to elegance.


The interior design trends for 2023 showcase a shift towards more personalized, nature-inspired, and sustainable spaces. Biophilic design, sustainable materials, and a mix of old and new elements are shaping the look and feel of modern interiors. While certain trends like all-white interiors and industrial chic are losing ground, others like curved furniture and personalized home offices are gaining momentum. As the world of design continues to evolve, homeowners have more freedom than ever to create spaces that reflect their individuality and lifestyle preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the warmth of earthy colors or the charm of handcrafted pieces, 2023 offers an array of exciting possibilities to transform your living space into a harmonious and inspiring sanctuary.